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Energy-informational bioresonance corrector of human physical and energy health. 

Tuned to the main meridian “Three heaters”, “Pericardium” (Fire element)


The BION-X red photonic crystal is included in a set of six BION-X photonic crystals that complement each other. The set is presented in the form of volumetric plastic cards of 6 different colors. The size of each card is 85 x 55 mm. BION-X photonic crystals do not require a power source.

Each of the photonic crystals included in the BION-X kit has protective and restorative properties on the physical and “subtle bodies” of a person, and increases resistance to negative environmental influences.

A set of 6 BION-X crystals restores, removes blockages and harmonizes all meridians in the human body (energy channels through which energy circulates). Each crystal is tuned to its own meridian.


Photonic crystal BION-X red is tuned to the main meridian “Three heaters”, “Pericardium”:

  • coordinates the activity of all internal organs, eliminates energy imbalance between organs;
  • affects the endocrine and nervous system;
  • affects the activity of the intellect, helps to normalize the processes of the brain;
  • regulates psycho-emotional activity;
  • regulates the emotional sphere of a sexual nature;
  • is a conductor of innate energy.

The BION-X red photonic crystal also has the same properties common to all crystals from the BION-X series:

  • restores the subtle body (aura) of a person after negative energy-informational influences, which contributes to the restoration of the physical body;
  • neutralizes the influence of unfavorable energy flows (negative torsion fields, Hartman-Wilson, Curry grids, geopathogenic zones, etc.);
  • protects against the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic smog;
  • structures water. READ ABOUT STRUCTURED WATER

BION-X Red Photonic Crystal Recommended:

  • in the presence of diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems;
  • with a deterioration in well-being in the absence of obvious reasons and clinical manifestations;
  • for those who experience a decrease in sex drive, sexual disorders;
  • with regular headaches;
  • with psychoemotional disorders: tearfulness, emotional outbursts, irritability, moodiness, aggression;
  • if you get tired quickly, feel a lack of energy and lack of energy;
  • helps to create neural connections, the development of intelligence.

As a result of using BION-X:

  • the energy-informational field of a person is restored;
  • the indicators of vital systems and organs of the physical body improve;
  • the psycho-emotional state of a person is stabilized.
  • After using the BION-X crystal for a month or two, you will feel a surge of strength, a good mood, and gain mental and physical health. Regular use of BION-X allows you to maintain the norm of your health, laid down by nature and start the process of self-healing, to protect yourself from unwanted influences.

Additional information

The BION-X photonic crystal is a complex multi-layer three-dimensional structure made of special metal alloys and dielectric materials. BION-X is a reliable microwave (microwave) converter that converts background microwave radiation into a bulk electromagnetic field with a frequency in the range of biological activity of water-containing structures and circular polarization of right rotation, which has a beneficial effect on biological objects and humans. The shapes of the resonating structures and the characteristics of the materials of the photonic crystal are calculated and formed on the basis of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological objects, water structures and the chirality inherent in all living things.

How to use BION-X to protect against electromagnetic fields
To neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields, one of the BION-X photonic crystals must be carried with you at all times, periodically changing its location and avoiding its prolonged presence in the heart projection zone. It is also recommended to carry BION-X in a phone case. During sleep, the crystal is recommended to be placed with its flat side to the person at a distance of 30-40 cm from the body.Method of application for water and food processing
For processing, non-metallic containers are used, under which one of the BION-X photonic crystals is located. The minimum processing time for aqueous solutions up to 3 liters in volume is 30 minutes, for food products – 15 minutes. Water retains its properties on average 24 hours after treatment.
Between meals, it is recommended to drink several glasses of structured water, bringing its total volume per day, not counting other drinks, to 1.5-2 liters.
For seed germination, abundant growth and productivity of plants, water the plants with BION-X treated water.Method of application for balancing energy channels (meridians)
To balance each meridian, it is recommended to use two identical BION-X photonic crystals corresponding to the desired meridian.Place one of the crystals under your left foot and the other in your right palm for 5 minutes.
Change the position of the crystals, i.e. transfer the first crystal under the right foot, and the second into the left palm for 5 minutes.
Place one crystal under the coccyx (sacral Muladhara chakra), and the second one in the forehead area (frontal Ajna chakra) or in the neck area (throat Vishuddha chakra) for 5 minutes.
It is recommended to carry out the procedures of item 1 and item 2 in the morning and in the evening, and it is desirable to repeat item 3 several times during the day. The number of days is not limited, according to your well-being.PRECAUTIONS
In order to increase its useful life, the BION-X crystal must not be subjected to mechanical stress, immersion in liquids and sudden temperature changes. In case of slight water ingress, wipe with a dry cloth. With careful handling of the crystal, the period of its use is not limited.

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 85 × 55 × 2 mm


Feel the balance
Stress reduction, relaxation
Memory improvement
Improved intelligence
Activate creativity
Activation of learning processes
Have a good rest
Normalization of sleep
Get well
Enabling recovery operations
Analgesic effect
Reducing pain
Nice weather
No weather dependence
Improvement of physical performance
Concentration of will
Concentration of the body's resources
Improve the mood
Improving your mood and health


What is a photonic crystal?

This is the same crystal as all natural crystals such as diamond, ruby, etc., only it is created artificially and is intended to correct the “subtle bodies” of the body.

What's the difference between the Bion-X device and the Photonic Crystal?

The Bion-X device is an active device, i.e. using the energy of the power source, it generates an electromagnetic field, which corrects the functional state of the body. And the Photonic Crystal is a passive device, i.e. does not require a power source and converts the background electromagnetic field into radiation useful for the body.

Where are the front and back surfaces of a photonic crystal?

All diseases initially (much earlier than the disease begins to manifest itself in the physical body) arise in the subtle bodies of a person. There is stagnation, blockage in the energy meridians and chakras. Photonic Crystal is designed to eliminate such congestion. Photonic Crystal will not only help in eliminating pre-existing ailments, but also serves as a preventive device for balancing energy structures.

Where are the front and back surfaces of a photonic crystal?

Photonic Crystal has no back and front surfaces, i.e. you can use both sides equally.

How are we supposed to wear the Photon Crystal on our body?

It is advisable to use Photonic Crystal according to the instructions, but if you want to carry it with you, you can put it in any pocket or carry it in a bag hanging it around your neck.

How can we structure water and food with a photonic crystal?

It is enough to place Photonic Crystal under a bowl of drinks or food for 15 minutes.

How can we open our chakras with the help of the Photon Crystal, how long and how often should we do this work?

To balance the energy meridians and influence the chakras, you need to place crystals at the beginning and end of the meridian line of passage or in the zone of the chakras’ projection on the body. This work must be done taking into account the time of activity of each meridian.

Should I use my Photonic Crystal card 24 hours a day?

Each Photonic Crystal is attuned to its own energy meridian. If you have serious illnesses, you should not activate the stagnant meridian all day, you need to take into account the hours of activity of each meridian. Further, after the onset of improvement, you can gradually lengthen the exposure time.

Can I use a Bionx device and a Photonic Crystal card at the same time, would it be beneficial or harmful when used together?

Yes. Can. This will increase the effectiveness of the application.

How do we know if a photonic crystal is beneficial to our body?

On health. You will definitely notice this. You will notice how the sequence of events in life will change.

How long should we use Photonic Crystal?

Photonic Crystal can be used all the time.

How many people can the Photonic Crystal be affected at the same time in the same environment?

Photonic Crystal is designed for individual use.

Do photonic crystals protect us and others from radiation or other harmful radiation?

Yes. Photonic Crystal converts harmful radiation into a field beneficial to the body.

What effect do photonic crystals have on animals?

The animals are very sensitive to the field created by the Photonic Crystal. If this is useful for them at the moment, then they themselves are located near the Photonic Crystal.

Can I use photonic crystal cards in a package or in a case, made in an office supply store?

Yes, you can. But you have to use natural materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric (except silk), leather.

If the Photonic Crystal falls into water, will the card be damaged?

No. Photonic Crystal is not afraid of water.

Is it mandatory to buy all 6 photonic crystal colors? Could one of them benefit our mental and physical health?

When you start using Photonic Crystal, there is no such need. You can purchase Photonic Crystal based on your problem meridians. But in the future, for a complete balancing of all meridians, it would be desirable to have the entire set.

Can children and pregnant women use Photonic Crystal?

Yes. They can. There are no contraindications.

Can people use Photonic Crystal to get rid of addictions and bad habits?

Yes. They can.


The practice of using Bion X technologies


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