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Watch new videos about our products, bioresonance therapy technologies, as well as conferences and training videos.

Informational videos

Sabuhi SHARIF and BION X Spirit Interview
FREQUENCY THERAPIES Get Rid of the Effects That Disrupt Your Balance! The Relationship between HAARP and the Earthquake!
Innovations in Frequency Medicine
BION-X Spirit. Biofeedback
The practice of using Bion-X technologies. Dr. Shahin Akhmedov and Sabuhi Sharif
Frequency Medicine and Beyond
Frequency Medicine and Beyond
Digital Medicine
Innovations in Frequency Medicine
Bion-X. Electromagnetic Correction Device. Introduction. Part-2
Bion-X. Electromagnetic Correction Device. Introduction. Part-1

Our Products

BİON-X Spirit cihazının etki alanı | Cihazın radyasyonu
BION-X Spirit – New modes and features
A 3-Dimensional visualization of the electromagnetic radiation of “Spirit”.
Bion-X Device Kirlian Energy Measurement 1
BION-X Frequency Device and technology
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