BION-X Spirit

The device is a transceiver of an ultra-wideband (UWB) electromagnetic field of low intensity, with adequate characteristics for the occurrence of stochastic resonance (SR) in the object of exposure. Unlike the previous version of BionX, the Spirit model has been supplemented with new modes of operation using the Biofeedback method.


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To use the BION-X SPIRIT device, you need to purchase the Spirit Logger digital licensed software.

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The BION-X Spirit device is a receiver-transmitter of an ultra-wideband (UWB) electromagnetic field of low intensity, with adequate characteristics for the occurrence of stochastic resonance (SR) in the object of exposure. It is proved that it is in the SR mode that the most qualitative perception of the information signal by living systems is carried out against the background of external and internal noise. Unlike the previous version of the BION- X, the Spirit model is supplemented with new modes of operation. Additional modes use the Biofeedback Method (Biofeedback). At the same time, balance is maintained between the hemispheres of the brain, as well as the nervous and immune systems. It influences physical, emotional, intellectual and social processes, ensuring optimal use of all the user’s capabilities. In the process of using the device in biofeedback modes, physiological and biochemical reactions develop, the opposite of those that occur under stress. The essence of the BOS method implemented in BION-X Spirit is to «return» to the user the current values of his physiological parameters, in the form of a Stochastic modulated UWB signal.


1st mode, GDV of tap water before and after exposure to «Spirit» in the Schumann program
comparative analysis of the illumination area of the image.



BION-X Spirit has three modes of operation


1. «List of programs». The parameters of the radiated field are set using a microprocessor depending on the selected program (15 programs calculated on the basis of brain rhythms). Thanks to the use of a UWB signal with noise-like (stochastic) modulation, high synchronization efficiency and correction of the body’s natural radiations are achieved.

2. «E.M. FB» (electromagnetic feedback). Biofeedback Mode (Biofeedback). The signal emitted by the device, reflected from the body, acquires a complex modulated character. So, the reflected signal will carry information about the neural activity of the brain, and various physiological processes occurring in the body. The reflected signal, once in the receiving path of the device, is demodulated (physiological rhythms are allocated). And then the radiation signal of the device is stochastically modulated by these rhythms. Thus, the BOS chain is closed. As a result of the feedback effect, the mechanism of chemotaxis is activated, and the direction of biochemical processes changes in the direction of normalization of the cell. The target function of the «man-device» system is the user’s intention.

3. «Audio F.B.» (Audio Feedback). Biofeedback Mode (Biofeedback). The user’s voice is used as a measured physiological parameter. Everything is interconnected in the body, and the parameters of the voice depend on the state of the nervous system, which organizes the work of all organs into a single, holistic process, which is a complex psychophysical act. The parameters (the ratio of intensities, frequencies and phases of various spectral components) of the voice signal reflect the state of all functional systems of the body. Special modulation of the electromagnetic field emitted by the device by the user’s own voice leads to Stochastic Resonance (SR) in the body. At the same time, various parameters of the EEG of the brain are modified, the indicators of the autonomic nervous system (VNS) are changed. A new functional system is emerging — the symbiosis of «man-device». The ultimate goal (objective function) of such a symbiosis is to achieve a state that reflects the INTENTION embedded in the spoken sound.


Technical characteristics of BION-X Spirit

Overall dimensions 68 х 38 х17 mm
Weight 100 g.
Type of emitted signal Ultra-Wideband (UWB)
Signal power spectral density No more than -50 dB/MHz in the range from 500 MHz to 130 GHz
Type of modulation Noise – like
Supply voltage 3.7 V
Battery Type Built-in LiPo battery with a capacity of 900 mAh.


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