What are Bion-X Photonic Crystals and how do they affect the body?

The human body has energy channels called meridians through which life energy flows. Ancient traditions had a deep intuitive understanding of this energy body and knew that balancing these energies was essential for optimal health. Life force or Qi flows through the developed network of energy pathways that surround the body and consists of two types of forces: Yin and Yang. It is believed that the disease is an obstacle to the flow of energy through these channels. Researchers have recently shown that meridians exist physically.

What are meridians?

Our body is an energy field embedded in another energy field. The electromagnetic nature of our body has been scientifically measured using advanced technologies such as MRI, EEG, ECG scanners, etc. “Scientists at Seoul National University recently confirmed the existence of these meridians, which they call an ‘innovative system.’ They showed that new tubular structures appear inside and outside blood vessels, on the surface of blood and lymph vessels, and under the skin. During the study, they applied a special coloring dye to the acupuncture points that could color the meridians and allow them to see fine lines. Color did not show up in non-acupuncture points where there were no meridians. The researchers found that the meridian lines are not limited to the skin, but to a specific system of ducts through which fluid flows. This fluid then combines to form stem cells. ” Additionally, in another study published in the Journal of Electronic Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, researchers used contrast-enhanced CT at both non-acupuncture points and acupuncture points. “Computed tomography has revealed clear differences between non-acupuncture points and the anatomical structures of acupuncture points.” “Researchers from the United States have announced the presence in the human body of a previously unknown ‘organ’, which is a network of microscopic channels in connective tissue … … the discovered structure contains up to 20 percent of all body fluid. The channel network exists everywhere in the body. Zones with increased channel density, deep in the body, form meridians. The exit of the meridians and groups of channels into the subcutaneous tissues form BAP and projection zones. “
The frequency ranges of these channels-meridians lie in the range of microwave and EHF electromagnetic waves. EM signals in the considered ranges, the source of which are biochemical and other processes in the body, can propagate within the structure of the channels practically without attenuation over a distance of the order of several meters. Blocking these channels, stagnation of energy in them is the root cause of all diseases.


Reflection from the end points of the channels makes it possible to avalanche resonance (support) of those processes, the source of which are EM signals. The ability to change the reflection from the end sections of the channels (BAP), by affecting them and changing their characteristics by installing resonators and reflectors (Photonic crystals Bion-X) – allows you to manipulate the degree of pumping, and sometimes shift the pumping ranges, than to affect the characteristics of the system and processes in her. Those. – to carry out therapy. BION-X photonic crystals are a complex multilayer volumetric structure made of special metal alloys and dielectric materials. BION-X is a reliable microwave (microwave) converter that converts background microwave radiation into a bulk electromagnetic field with a frequency in the range of biological activity of water-containing structures and circular polarization of right rotation, which has a beneficial effect on biological objects and humans. The shapes of the resonating structures and the characteristics of the materials of the photonic crystal are calculated and formed on the basis of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological objects, water structures and the chirality inherent in all living things.


The human body thrives on balance. A balanced flow of energy is essential to maintain good health and a balanced lifestyle.

The 24-hour biological clock of Chinese medicine is divided into 12 2-hour intervals for the passage of qi (life force) through the organ system. Chinese medicine practitioners use the Organ and Body watch to identify the organ responsible for the disease. For example, if you wake up between 3-5 a.m. every morning, you may have hidden grief or sadness that bothers you, or you may have a lung condition. If feelings of anger or resentment do arise, you may feel them most strongly during your Liver, which is 1-3 a.m., or perhaps if you have back pain at the end of the day, you may have been holding back your fearful emotions, or perhaps even kidney problems.

The Body-Energy watch is built on the concept of ebb and flow of energy throughout the body. Over a 24-hour period (see diagram), Qi flows through the organ systems at two-hour intervals. During sleep, it is pulled inward to rebuild the body. This phase ends between 1 am and 3 am, when the liver purifies the blood and performs many of the functions that create the basis for the Cinaruzu movement again.

In the 12-hour period after peak liver function – from 3 a.m. onwards – energy cycles in organs related to daily activities, digestion and excretion: lungs, large intestine, stomach / pancreas, heart, small intestine. By the middle of the day, the energy moves inward again to support the internal organs associated with the recovery and maintenance of the system. The goal is to move fluids and heat, and filter and cleanse with the pericardium, triple burner (coordinates water function and temperature), bladder / kidneys, and liver.

From 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., this is the time of the colon, so this is the ideal time to defecate and flush out the toxins received the day before. This is also the perfect time to wash your body and comb your hair. Brushing your hair is believed to help clear energy from your mind. During this time, emotions of protection or feelings of being stuck may arise.

7: 00-9: 00 is stomach time, so it’s important to eat your largest meal of the day here to optimize digestion and absorption. Hot meals high in nutrients are best served in the morning. Emotions that may arise during this time include disgust or despair.

9: 00-11: 00 is the time of the pancreas and spleen, where enzymes are secreted to help digest food and release energy for the day ahead. This is the perfect time to train and work. Do the hardest tasks of the day during this time. Emotions such as low self-esteem may be felt during this time.

11:00 – 13:00 is the time of the Heart, which pumps nutrients through the body to provide you with energy and nutrition. This is also a good time to have lunch and light meals are recommended. It is also recommended to take an hour nap or have a cup of tea during this time. Feelings of extreme joy or sadness may also arise during this time.

13: 00-15: 00 is the time of the small intestine, when the food eaten earlier completes its digestion and assimilation. This is also a good time for daily activities or exercise. Sometimes at this time, I subconsciously have vulnerable thoughts or feelings of abandonment.

15: 00-17: 00 is the time of the bladder when metabolic waste enters the kidney filtration system. This is the perfect time to study or do challenging work. Drinking another cup of tea and drinking plenty of water is recommended to speed up the detoxification process. Feelings of irritation or shyness may also occur during this time.

17: 00-19: 00 is the time of the kidneys when the blood is being filtered and the kidneys are working to maintain the correct chemical balance. This is the perfect time to dine and revitalize your circulation with a walk, massage or stretching. Subconscious thoughts of fear or dread may also be active during this time.

19: 00-21: 00 is the time of circulation, when nutrients are transferred to the capillaries and each cell. This is the perfect time to read. Avoid mental activity during this time. However, it can be difficult to express emotions, this is the ideal time for sex or conception.

21: 00-23: 00 is the time of the endocrine system, when the body’s homeostasis is regulated and enzymes are replenished. It is recommended to sleep during this time so that the body can conserve energy for the next day. Feelings of paranoia or confusion may also be felt.

23: 00–1: 00 is the time of the gallbladder, and in order to wake up with a feeling of excitement, the body must be at rest. In Chinese medicine, this is the period of time when the yin energy is extinguished and the yang energy begins to rise. Yang energy helps you stay active throughout the day and builds up when you sleep. At this time, a subconscious feeling of resentment may appear.

1:00 – 3:00 is the time Passing the time when the body should sleep. During this time, toxins are removed from the body and fresh new blood is formed. If you find yourself waking up at this time, you may have too much yang energy or liver problems or detoxification pathways. It is also a time of anger, frustration, and rage.

3: 00-5: 00 is the time of the lungs, and again, this is the time when the body should sleep. If you wake up during this time, nerve-calming exercises, such as breathing exercises, are recommended. During this time, the body should also be kept warm so that the lungs can replenish the body with oxygen. The lungs are also associated with feelings of grief and sadness.

Understanding that every organ has a daily repair-maintenance schedule gives you the opportunity to learn how to heal yourself for better health and well-being. It also allows you to pinpoint which organ system or emotion needs to be reinforced -resolution. Always use your symptoms and body signals as a guide, and if you find the connection above, such as feeling sleepy between 5 and 7 p.m., feel free to explore what you can do to strengthen that meridian.

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