Disease is the body’s adaptive response to adverse environmental conditions. The environment is not only material, but also mental. Illness is the same adaptive response as profuse sweating in hot weather or physical exertion. Under the influence of unfavorable factors (stressful, conflict situations experienced virtually again and again). Our cutting-edge technologies allow us to get out of the vicious circle of “conflict-illness-stress”. The impact of Bion-X technologies on three levels of the body structure. At the cellular level in the form of cellular rhythms, at the molecular level in the form of intercellular and intracellular water and at the functional level in the form of brain rhythms. All three levels of influence are mutually synchronized.

Effect on cell organelles

In the vital activity of the cell, the most important role belongs to the plasma membrane and membranes of cell organelles. They are responsible for limiting and isolating cells and organelles, maintaining the difference in the concentrations of metabolites and inorganic ions, as well as other physiological parameters between organelles, cytoplasm and the external environment. Biological membranes control the transport of metabolites and ions, the perception of extracellular signals and the reaction to them, intercellular contacts and the initiation of signals, the maintenance of the shape of cells and organelles, the implementation of motor activity, biosynthesis, bioenergetic and many other processes. The electromagnetic field generated by the device causes acoustic vibrations on the surface of the cell membranes, which in turn leads to the normalization of the processes of cellular metabolism. At the same time, functional and morphological disorders in cells are restored.

Influence on the structure of water

Strange as it may seem, such a simple and generally available substance on Earth as water is still a poorly studied system. The complexity of research is due to the high dynamism of the structure of water itself - the dipole molecules very quickly and easily connect, it would seem, strong bonds, but immediately disintegrate or transform into each other. In addition, other factors affect the water molecules. We have found that exposure to electromagnetic radiation generated by the Bion-X induces its effect. In such a liquid, the rate of flow of various factors increases, absorption increases, and solutes crystallize faster. The beneficial effect of the influence of the structured water on the human body is explained by the fact that cell membranes absorb "living" water better. This is due to the fact that the structured liquid resembles the structure of the cell membrane itself as a highly structured organelle.

Synchronization with brain rhythms

The alternation of excitatory and inhibitory potentials in groups of neurons, or the so-called waves or rhythms, are divided into several types. Basic: alpha rhythm (8 - 13 Hz), beta rhythm (13 - 40 Hz), delta rhythm (0.5 - 4 Hz), theta rhythm (4 - 8 Hz), gamma (30 - 100 Hz ). Slower frequencies of electrical potentials of the brain have also been recorded, up to periods of the order of several hours and days. Each of these groups represents a special type of cortical activity and is correlated by neurophysiologists with such states of consciousness as anxiety, calmness, dreaming, or a state of sleep. At the same time, the mixed activity of different rhythms and their localization are recorded. Today, it is known that the cause of most diseases (except for poisoning, thermal injuries and injuries) is the generation of pathologically enhanced excitation (HPPV) by a large group of neurons affecting not only the cortex, but also more ancient brain structures. Depending on the place of localization of the HPUV, functional and organic deviations occur in the tissues of the body associated with this area of the brain. In the course of our own research, we have recorded the electromagnetic activity of neurons in the human brain in the range from 1.5 to 18 GHz. The radiation generated in this Bion-X range, stochastically (noise-like) modulated by brain rhythms and synchronized with metabolic processes in cells, allows you to gently (similarly to natural) impose the necessary rhythm on the body, rebuild pathological foci in the brain and remove the body from a pathological state.


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