The Kidney Meridian (R)

The Kidney Meridian (R) — refers to the system of Yin meridians, paired, element water. The direction of energy in the meridian is centripetal. It receives energy from the meridian of the bladder and transmits it to the meridian of the pericardium, the foot, has 27 points. The maximum activity is from 17 to 19 hours, the minimum meridian activity is from 5 to 7 hours.

Functions of The Kidney Meridian

The state of this meridian has a significant impact on the duration and quality of a person’s life. It is called the “Channel of Eternal Bliss”. The meridian of the kidneys contains all the hereditary information about human health. The energy of the kidneys is the basis of growth, development and reproduction. The meridian of the kidneys affects the activity of internal organs and body systems. First, it affects the work of the kidneys themselves and the genitourinary system. It is associated with the condition of bone tissue, spine, immune system, hearing organs, hair and teeth. The kidneys accumulate chin (substance) and produce the brain (includes bone and spinal cord), is also responsible for water metabolism and for receiving qi, the key to diagnosis are the ears.

The course of The Kidney Meridian

The meridian begins at the foot of the Yun-Chuan point, then rises along the inner side of the foot, makes a turn around the condyle and rises along the inner surface of the shin and thigh, reaching the groin. On the surface of the body, the meridian points rise from the groin up the peritoneum, cross the chest and end at the collarbones.

Symptoms and diseases with an imbalance of The Kidney Meridian

Signs of excess

Urine is dark in color, rare urination, nausea, dry mouth, fever in the legs and a feeling of heaviness in them, the feet are warm to the touch, pain in the lower back, sacrum, inner thigh, increased sexual potency, an unusual burst of energy.

A sign of insufficiency

Profuse sweating, frequent urination, a feeling of cold in the legs, the feet are cold to the touch, a feeling of weakness and numbness in the lower extremities. Lethargy, weakness in the whole body. Feeling of indecision, fear, decreased sexual activity.

Diseases of The Kidney Meridian

Diseases associated with the meridian of the kidneys: sore throat, sore throat, sexual weakness, lowering of the uterus, irregular menstrual cycle, diabetes, back and hip pain, stomatitis, cystitis, nephritis, ankle pain, liver and spleen diseases, urinary retention, limb swelling, gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea, kidney disease, hemorrhoids, caries, periodontal disease, periodontitis.

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