All life on Earth consists of cells. Unicellular organisms – bacteria, multicellular and unicellular plants, fungi, the animal world and, in the end, man – the crown of nature’s creation, they all consist of cells. A cell is an elementary unit of structure, functioning, reproduction and development of all living organisms. There is no life outside the cell. The functioning of the whole organism depends on the functioning of the cell. Until recently, classical biology considered the organism as an aggregate interaction of cells with the help of neuro-humoral regulation. Humoral regulation is carried out with the help of chemicals that come from various organs and tissues of the body into the blood and are carried by it throughout the body. In humans, the humoral function is performed by the endocrine system, which consists of endocrine glands. Humoral regulation is an ancient form of interaction between cells and organs. Nervous regulation of physiological processes consists in the interaction of body organs with the help of the nervous system. Nervous and humoral regulation of body functions are interconnected, form a single mechanism of neuro-humoral regulation of body functions. 

    However, theoretical studies carried out over the past 40 years and especially the practical work of many scientists around the world over the past 10 years show the most important role of intercellular electromagnetic interaction and the influence of electromagnetic fields external to the body on the functioning of the whole organism. To understand the above, consider how the cell is arranged.

Animal cell

Despite the variety of forms, the organization of cells of all living organisms is subordinated to uniform structural principles. The contents of the cell are separated from the environment by the plasma membrane, or plasmalemma. Inside the cell is filled with cytoplasm, in which various organelles and cellular inclusions are located, as well as a nucleus with genetic material in the form of a DNA molecule. Each of the cell organelles performs its own special function, and together they all determine the vital activity of the cell as a whole. Further, in the context of understanding the technologies used in Bion-X, we will consider the structure of the cell membrane. The cell membrane is a double lipoprotein (ie “fat-protein”) membrane that separates the cell from the environment and carries out controlled exchange and communication between the cell and its environment. The main thing in the definition is not that the membrane separates the cell from the environment, but precisely that it connects the cell with the environment. The membrane is the active structure of the cell, it is constantly working.


The biological membrane is an ultrathin bimolecular film of phospholipids encrusted with proteins and polysaccharides. This cellular structure underlies the barrier, mechanical and matrix properties of a living organism. The cell membrane can be imagined as a lattice fence with many doors in it, which surrounds a certain territory. Any small living creatures can freely move back and forth through this fence. But larger visitors can only enter through the doors, and even then not all. Different visitors have keys only from their own doors, and they cannot pass through other people’s doors.

However, there is another way that will help to return healthy sound to the cells very quickly, without contact and without side effects. It is about this method that underlies the functioning of the Bion-X product line that will be discussed below. For further understanding, let us pay attention to such a moment as the surface charge of the membrane. We know from the school biology course that due to the work of the sodium-potassium pump, the inner part of the membrane is always negatively charged relative to the positively charged outer side of the membrane. This means that the cell membrane can be regarded as a charged particle – a dipole.


Outstanding scientists such as Faraday, Lorenz, Ampere, Maxwell made a huge contribution to the study of the secrets of nature. As a result of scientific research of these scientists, it is known that any charged particle around it has an electric field. The oscillatory motion of a charged particle creates an alternating electric field around itself, and an alternating electric field creates an alternating magnetic field. That is, a mechanically vibrating charged particle creates an electromagnetic field around itself. And so, taking into account all of the above, it becomes clear that there is an electromagnetic field around each cell. And the frequency of this field coincides with the frequency of mechanical vibrations of the cell membrane. The following is also true: if you create an electromagnetic field around the cell, the frequency of which resonantly coincides with the natural frequency of the cell, then the energy of this field is converted into the energy of mechanical vibrations of the cell membrane. Such vibrations are called acoustoelectric. Or, to put it more simply, an external electromagnetic field can restore healthy sound to the cells. Since the body cells with different functionality have different sizes and other parameters, the parameters of the acting field must also be different for an adequate effect on the selected group of cells. This phenomenon is studied by a science called biophysics.

The electromagnetic field created by the Bion-X device, depending on the selected exposure program, is resonant with respect to various types of cells. For example: the parameters of the electromagnetic field emitted by the Bion-X device when using programs related to brain rhythms are resonant with respect to brain cells. These include neurons of the cortex, subcortex, thalamic structures, as well as cells of the pineal gland and pituitary gland. And when using programs related to immunity, the effect is on white blood cells, on cells of the liver, thymus, spleen.


An important feature of the technology used in the Bion-X series devices is the interaction of the generated radiation with the water matrix of the body. Our body is 70% water. Despite the fact that, in general, the water molecule is electrically neutral (has an equal number of electrons and protons), the electrons are distributed asymmetrically, which gives the water molecule a polar character. A water molecule is a dipole. The properties of water are quite unusual and are associated with the small size of the water molecule, with the polarity of its molecules and with their ability to bond with each other by hydrogen bonds.Without going deep into the physical mechanisms of the process, we will note the most important thing. The irradiated water of the Bion-X device becomes biologically active. Such water has a positive effect on all metabolic processes in living cells.


The applied technologies also make it possible to exert a depressing effect on microorganisms. These include bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and worms. The implementation of this aspect of the technology involves taking into account the influence of electromagnetic fields on the dynamics of various physical processes occurring in microorganisms:

  • Influence on metabolic processes in parasite cells i.e. on their height.
  • Influence on the process of DNA replication (in some cases, viruses and RNA), i.e. on the process of division – reproduction.
  • Blocking the motor mechanisms of bacteria

The difference between the technologies used in the Bion-X series devices from analogs is the use of a more extended exposure mode, which consists in scanning the entire range of resonant absorption spectra and in a parallel immunomodulatory effect on the host organism.

An important characteristic of the electromagnetic radiation used in the Bion-X technology is its polarization. The emitted field has elliptical polarization with the right direction of rotation. Most of the molecules that make up cellular structures are chiral. A chiral object is when it is impossible for any spatial rotations to combine the object with its mirror image. For example, the left and right hand are mirror images of each other. But you can never put your right glove on your left hand. The hand can be said to be chiral.


No matter how you twist your hand or a glove, nothing will work. But if, for example, you take a cube or a pyramid, then such objects can be easily combined with their mirror reflections. By the way, the word chirality itself means hand from Greek. The chirality of a molecule is the most important parameter that determines the property of cellular receptors. Let’s give an example. Try screwing the right-hand screw into the left-hand hole. Even if the diameters of the screw and the hole are the same, nothing will come of it. So it is in most cellular receptors. Ligands (substances to which receptors react) and receptors must fit together like a key to a lock. And the main importance here is the chirality of the molecules. A striking example of a chiral molecule is the DNA molecule – it is a double helix with a right-handed twist. It so happened that the sugars that make up DNA also have the right form of isomerism. Such molecular structures are especially sensitive to the polarization parameters of the acting electromagnetic fields.

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